Commercial Pool Services

Pool Cleaning

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Cleaning Services

Swimming pool cleaning is not just to keep the water clean and clear, but also to prevent algae from forming on the surface of the water. Algae causes a lot of issues for commercial swimming pools. Commercial swimming pool cleaning services in Cape Town is the most essential service we provide to our clients. We clean all types of commercial swimming pools and make sure that your water is clean and clear for swimming. We use only the best equipment and the most advanced techniques to ensure that your water is always clean and clear.

Maintenance Sercives

Swimming pool maintenance is an essential service for commercial swimming pools. The pool requires regular maintenance to keep it in the best condition possible, We provide swimming pool maintenances services to make sure your water levels are correct, pumps are serviced and more. We have the right team to service your swimming pool. Our maintenances services are highly efficient and reliable. We have a team of experts who are equipped with the right tools and experience to keep your swimming pool maintained and running at peak performance.

Water Level Maintenance

Water in a swimming pool evaporates quickly in the heat and can build up on the bottom of the pool. If you have a pool with an automatic water level control system, you may not need to check it very often. If you do need to check the water level, be sure to do so weekly during hot weather. You should also check the water level if there is a chance of rain.

Chemical Tests

Chlorine is usually added to the water to kill bacteria and viruses, but it can have some harmful effects on your health if you are exposed to it in high amounts. It is important to maintain a chlorine level of at least 2 ppm. The chlorine level should be maintained at this level or above to prevent the growth of algae and bacteria. In addition, the water will stay clear and free from the yellow or green stains that can form on your pool.

Motor And Pump Services

Mr Pools Cape Town is a great way to make sure that seals on the pool’s motor and pump are properly secured. This can prevent damage to the motor and pump, which can also result in unexpected repairs and replacements. It can also help prevent leaks and other costly problems. We offer service that are very essential for maintaining the efficiency of your pool.

What to Expect

We strive to keep you pool clean and in healthy working order, inspecting and perfroming maintenance on your swimming pool accessories and helping you keep them in order.

General Equipment Inspection

Equipment used in swimming pools should be regularly inspected to ensure it meets the required safety standards. This will help prevent equipment damage, accidents, and reduce the risk of contracting a disease from contaminated water.

Residential Pool Maintenance

Having a swimming pool has some challenges, including high maintenance and water pollution caused by malfunctioning equipment. Mr Pools Cape Town is here to make sure that you don’t have to worry about any of that.

Cleaning Services

Mr Pools Cape Town is ready to provide you with all of your pool cleaning needs. Our services range from weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly pool maintenance to full commercial-sized cleaning for hotels, corporate offices, or even home swimming pools.

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